Today we went to the money changer and bought 8000 Thai Baht. The exchange was terrible, but you always get the best rates when you are actually in the country. We just needed enough money to get to the hotel and to get dinner with the next days budgeted money.

We are spenders. We have paid the hotel but we have budgeted $200 AUD each per day to shop and activities. We have also notified the bank about our. trip so our debit and credit cards work in case of an emergency.

We purchased a second bag each which folds up and goes inside our main bag so we didn’t need to purchase additional luggage when over in Phuket. We have a baggage allowance of 20kg each on the way to Phuket and 40kg each on the way back to Sydney Australia.

Ive had to see the doctor to get a letter detailing the medications I’m taking which I can’t be without . Ive also been to the pharmacy as I needed a photocopy of all my prescriptions. I was half tempted to buy Imodium but I may just pick some up before we depart. Im hoping I still have some maxalon in case either of us has uncontrollable vomiting but we should be ok its not like Im eating my wife cooking anyway.