Day 1 was eventful as the night before I couldn’t sleep meaning I had been up for 40 hours before reaching Phuket. The first flight was Sydney to Melbourne then Melbourne to Singapore then Singapore to Phuket. Add the 3-hour stopover on each flight it was one hell of a day.

I will never fly again with Jetstar. the seats were too narrow and hard also my knee’s touched the seat in front of me. the staff at Melbourne airport were useless. It was one nightmare delay after another not knowing if we would make our connections.

Sleep was impossible when I arrived so today I tried to get into some sort of routine. First was to get a sim card which I did at the Phuket airport. It was a great set up and inserted into my iPhone and checked it worked. True-move is who I went with. I paid 599 baht and got 8gb data and phone credit also. All in all when I landed in Phuket everything just went right. The staff at the airport were just so friendly down to the soldiers who helped with directions with the best English they had. It took a while but was so appreciated. They truly were the most lovely people.

Today being day two I set out early for. breakfast and headed to old trusty McDonalds and got a bacon and egg and a sausage and egg muffin. They were ok at least I had something in my belly. The coke was huge. The store was at the Jungceylon Mall and the only thing open was the McDonalds. I was hoping the Starbucks was open but there was a half hour wait until 9am. I eventually got my coffee and headed back to the hotel for the cold shower but you get that in Asia so no big deal. Later i went back and went to the Robinsons Department store in the same mall as well as the Big C supermarket to get drinks and essential items.

Tonight I will be hitting the night markets as soon as they open and it will give me time for my feet to feel a bit better. The hotel 7q Bangla is an awesome hotel but I will post photo’s and provide a better review after I’ve had a few days here.

Well back from the markets which were an experience. They are not as savage as Bali, the stall owners start at a fairly reasonable price which was great. I bought three pairs of elephant pants for my daughter at 150 Baht each which was about 50 baht too much. I still paid it as do I really want to haggle over a couple of dollars which may make their day a little easier. I also bought a loose-fitting shirt for 250 baht which I thought was ok again so I can’t complain. I bought the ugliest pair of fish sandals you could imagine for my brother for Christmas. I will put the photo’s down below so you can get an idea. I was amazed at 7/11 the prices and how cheap they were. A 600 ml bottle of water 7 baht and cans of soft drink 14 baht. How they make money off this I don’t know and you have to wonder how they can charge so much back home. anyway, tomorrow will be a great day for shopping I hope.