Today we started out at Jungceylon Mall. We are in desperate need of getting Christmas presents. We walked through the mall down to the infamous Bangla road where we were hounded by hawkers of every description. We were expecting that at night but not during the day. We followed the road to the end and walked along the shop side of the road with Patong beach on our right side, It was so pretty, the water calm and the amazing white sand. the noise of the jet ski’s ruined the atmosphere I must say. What was also amazing looking were all of the yachts that were out and about. It was truly magical. We ditched Patong and found a taxi to take us to Tesco Lotus.

Tesco Lotus is a supermarket crossed with a department store. What I didn’t know but was so happy to see was the plethora of other shops in the complex. The downside we felt under time pressure from the taxi mafia which pretty much dictated that we had 30 minutes there. Madness I know as the return trip was $50 USD. We know better now and have a taxi app and will just call when we are ready to leave and it will be on a meter then. The Tuk Tuk and taxi mafia really spoil Phuket. I just wish they had a fairer system rather than the extortion that’s involved now. They are all linked and all charge the same price. You cant avoid it and as I said its really disappointing. The good thing is we intend on spending three to four hours there tomorrow as the prices were far cheaper than Patong. People always tell me Thailand is cheaper than Bali but this is not the case.

Got a great haircut so I finally got rid of my mohawk as Christmas is nearly here and I didn’t feel like the grief from my mother. Yes, I’m still scared of her opinion on things. My good old other half got her hair streaked called highlights in Thailand or foils or whatever who cares. She got her hair done anyway. It was $100 for us both so I thought its great value. I have a ghastly photo which was shared with all my family and friends as I am a total shit head but she still loves me.

I’ve. got a case of Bali belly so I’m hoping I am fine for tomorrows outings. We definitely will hit Tesco Lotus but after that, I will have to see how I feel