Today was like many others to start with. We headed to McDonald’s to get breakfast and waited until Starbucks opened up to get a coffee. I die for a Starbucks and they opened a little early which was nice. What also was nice was the staff knew exactly what I wanted when I walked in.

We used an app called Grab taxi which has been a blessing. It really is cheaper to use grab and get a taxi on the meter rather than what is demanded by the Tuk Tuk mafia. We headed to Tesco Lotus to do some Christmas shopping. It was really great. We needed to change money but that seemed impossible without our passport. To my delight, the manager of the branch withdrew the money from her account through an atm to change the money for us. That one hell of great service and got us out of a spot. We spent about three hours there shopping then used grab taxi to take us back to the hotel to drop our purchases off and to take a bit of a nap.

We got into another grab taxi and headed to Malin plaza. It wasn’t huge and a half was food half were goods shopping. I spent plenty of Baht here. I bought my daughter three pairs of Muay Thai boxing shorts to use as pyjama’s as she will love them. I bought a wallet pretty cheap. My wife bought 4 fabric covered notebooks all very cheap. A few T-Shirts and odds and ends. It was great as we got good prices straight up without the ridiculous bother of haggling.

It started to rain slightly and we walked through an opening in the market. We say a plethora of Australian themed outdoor public bars. It was hot so my wife wanted a soft drink and I had a Chang. I don’t drink and it has been about five years since I had a beer. Well, it all went downhill from there. Before you know it the wife was given free shots as a customer rang the bell and she had my shots as no way was I touching spirits. After that, it was drink after drink as we were going nowhere with the rain downpour. I was so drunk as was the wife. We said enough is enough and braved the rain where we stumbled upon a tuk-tuk which actually surprised us with a reasonable price to get us back to the shopping centre near the hotel. After a heap of food, we started to sober up and headed back to the hotel. A bit worse for wear but still in good shape.

Tomorrow we plan on seeing the big Buddha and doing more shopping at areas we hadn’t been to before.