Today we got up a bit late and headed for the standard Starbucks morning coffee. We skipped breakfast as this has been very unmemorable. The staff at Starbuck’s were their usual self, warm and accommodating, and no need to order as they had that covered. After parting with the cold hard cash we decided what we were doing for the day of which was to head to Kata market as the google search made it look pretty awesome to tell you the truth.

We caught a taxi through the grab app to Kata plaza which cost us about 400 Baht from Bangla boxing stadium at Patong. We changed money and the obligatory waste of time asking for our passport was exhausted by our dumb reply “you need a passport to change money” We obviously knew tis but who carries their passport around. Surely not me.. Anyway she changed our money just by taking our name so it was all just for show. Kata plaza I would have to say is the biggest waste of time and of money on the trip so far. I’m not joking when I say that there were about 8 markets stalls that’s it. The irritation of tailers was ever present, like your buying a suit in Thailand when its so hot. Its the last thing on your mind. We left and walked our way to Karon. Karon is about a 15-minute walk on undulating footpaths.

Both Karon and Kata were top heavy with Russians. These guys could have been monuments in their country. They were so tall and built like they could eat the boogers out of a dead man’s nose. The women where drop-dead stunning and to my absolute delight had no problems walking around in a state of undress or bikinis. I know Im a pig.  Apart from that Karon and Kata are crap. There is nothing to buy, nothing to see and nothing to do. We left dodge city and grabbed a “grab Taxi” to get the hell out of there. The first effort was a bust because grab decided to translate the app into Russian as we were in where only Russians would go. Great one that. The second try was a success and we arrived at Jungcylon mall.

At Jungceylon mall, Patong, we found a section we had not seen before downstairs. We did buy a fair few things there so I was mighty happy my spending urge was fulfilled. We moved from Jungcylon to Hard rock cafe to have dinner.

We originally went to Hooters but the prices were more than we were willing to pay so we went next door to Hard Rock Cafe. We had a fairly good meal. The steak was awesome though the beans and carrot were less than impressive and the mashed potato was inedible.

We actually caught a Tuk-Tuk this time and went from Patong to Malin Plaza. This cost us 200 Baht. At Malin plaza, we did a bit of shopping and went on our way. We headed up the road to where we had shopped before but the name escapes me. Well, that was nothing to write home about. The market stall owners were hard sell walking by any stall in any direction. I got my usual shit attitude happening and decided to give up on it. Like an oasis, the bar we had been to the night before arrived from nowhere.

the bar is an Aussie themed bar as all in the area. We settled in at the bar and the staff made us more than welcome. Kim the apparent bar owner or manager kept us entertained as the plethora of patrons arrived. We met two of the nicest people on the planet a couple from Australia which I won’t name so as not to embarrassed them but the wife seemed incapable of sitting on a seat. The poor women toppled over and damn I felt bad for her. They were really such nice people. In my world, it was truly great to have shared time. with them. We also met an Olympic trampolinist and plenty of other interesting characters. It really was a night to remember. Plans for tomorrow no idea!