Oh, Im never drinking again. I was home at 10pm last night after a good session on the singing syrup also known as Chang. Mr partner in crime was so drunk it was unbelievable. People kept ringing the bell so there were so many free drinks.  After we decided to leave before we pass out we made contact with the Tuk-Tuk mafia to get a lift the one km to the hotel. 200 Baht later then he wanted a tip! Ive had enough of the way transport is controlled here. If you ask a rice and walk to the next tuk-tuk they have already been on the radio to fix the price. This is fact! I used grab taxi app when here but they load the meter charge with 150 Baht booking fee. This is a disgrace. We spend so much money getting around its a joke. Anyone who says Thaiand is cheaper than Bali is wrong. Transport is literally 10 times the price. The markets are so expensive. If not for 7/11 everything else is expensive. 7/11 are super cheeap with drinks but your not going to holiday out of a 7/11 store.

We headed to Jungceylon Mall again to do some shopping as markets are no where near as prevelant as Bali. We went in for ten minutes at most and saaw the mafia to get to Malin Plaza. Once there I bought 4 shirts and caught a Tuk-Tuk back to the hotel. My partner in crime has had enough and wants to fly to Bali tomorrow from here but we are not able to get flights that are convenient at such short notice.

In all seriousness our time is being ruined via agressive and abusive Tuk- Tuk drivers and touts. Just saying no causes an incident nearly every time its a joke. If you get in a grab taxi they remember next time you walk past to the mall. How the powers that be have not cleaned this up is beyond me. People I have met here cant believe the prices here compared to Bangkok and Pataya. Everyone complians yet nothing is done. The touts are aggressive and you cant tell them to piss off or you with have 20 yes 20 tuk-tuk mafia beating your heead in. Its such  a disgrace. Never gain will I go to Thailand.

We are trying to make the best of it though its 1000 Baht to see the big Budhha then a 1000 Baht back so $80 just to go out there. We are just going to pay it but we are really negative to the country now. We also are going to see the Thai boxing tomorrow night as the stadium is next door. If your going to watch Thai boxing i think its best done in Thailand.

Anyway all the best to you all. We are trying to make the best of our situation but its sad when you refer to a holiday as a situation.