Maybe im the problem in Thailand. Ive not enjoyed the place because of what I and others call the Tuk-Tuk mafia. Today I caught a Taxi from Jungceylon mall to Central festival. We booked this by Grab Taxi and we got great service so not all drivers are awful yet Ive been tainting them all with the same brush because ive had some bad experiences. I stand by the fact the prices for transport here are purly unbelievable. We caught a grab taxi from Central festival to Supercheap mall. Well this was why I was so shit off with taxi’s though grab had been pretty good but prices too high. He stopped and said we are here when clearly it was not our destination he just wanted us out of the cab as he didnt know where it was. Trying to not blow this out of preportion I said dont worry take us to Tesco Lotus Extra. With a nod and a smile everyone is happy right. Wrong we get to Robinsons at Phuket Town ordered out of the taxi and made to pay 420 baht for a destination we didnt want to be at or a place we had no idea where we were. I complained to grab nothing done no refund nothing.

Our knight in shining armour a Tuk-Tuk driver who hardly spoke english but did his best to understand the situation we were in and that we just wanted to get back to where we knew where we were. My god he could have taken advantage of us but no. The land of smiles it truely was. He got us back to Tesco Lotus where we new how to get home. One thing I learned while I call them the Tuk-Tuk mafia I was wrong. Grab have gps and still couldnt find the destination. The humble tuk – tuk came to our rescue. They know where they are and where they are going.

We may be complaining about the price but they have to feed their families also. I was wrong so wrong! They do seem to control the sites and activities when it comes to getting there and back but hell they wont leave you stranded and they do there best. A big sorry from me to The Tuk – Tuk drivers, I was wrong. You really saved me today and whilst you may not have an app like grab at least we can rely on good old fasion service. I still think prices are too dear but I would pay a lot more in Australia for a taxi ride that I know.

When ive been upset I tend to gravitate it on all Thai people and that was so wrong. It was out of frustration and it is not the Thai people. It was my expectations that transport was going to be cheap like Bali and everyone refers to Thailand as so cheap but its just not compared to Bali. Maybe I needed realistic expectations rather than $100 is going to last me for $10 then the fact im spending $200 a day when accomodation has been paid for and I have not bought too much. Again my unrealistic expectations were getting me down and Ive been venting my frustrations on the Thai people not on the real problem which was me and unrealistic expectations.

I will say I dont understand how 7/11 can be so cheap. Drinks and even 7/11 food is unbelievably cheap. Eating at Hard Rock etal. Is allways going to cost so now I will pull me head in and shut up. The cloths shopping stalls at least start t a fair price unlike Bali so no complaints and its llwys done with a smile here.

Great meal tonightt at Spoon Cafe Jungceylon. The resturaunt had a great atmosphere. It was busy as hell so we decided to stop in. Its actually a vegetarian resturaunt that sells three non vegetarian items. I had the lasagne which I might say was sensational. My partner in crime also selected the same dish. We had garlic bread but nothing to write home about. The glasses were jars which was the perfect size for the coke and the meal. We got out of it for 1000 Baht or $40 AUD so we were happy with that. Jungceylon has great resturaunts on site as well as the trashy fast food like McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Pizza hut, Subway blah blah.  We had a really good night with amazing service. The time from order to table service was great. Attention to detail was also amazing. The plates were an odd shape but perfect for the meal. Just a great night with great company.