I would start by changing my expectations. They were unrealistic to start wth. I would go and see site such as the big Bedhha which is planned for tomorrow. i would definatly enjoy the nightlife of which there is plenty. I would learn to pace myself and not try to do everything at once. i would also allow much more time that ten days. Its simply not enough to see the sights and the people. i would also stop comparing Thailand to Bali, they are two different cultures and countries.

I honestly thought of Thailand as a shopping destination of which its certainly is not. I have a few days left to make the most of it. ive found a nice bar with friendly staff which has been very enjoyable. Its not been costly either. I dont drink at home and really have never drunk but its been nice to have a few changs and meet people. Thats my favourite part of Thailand s the meeting peole.

Anyway tomorrow the big Budhha and a few other sights to see. I hope to have plenty of photo’s.