Thailand is not the problem. The Tuk-Tuk is not the problem the problem is me. I was filled u with unrealistic expectations from people who visited Thailand. They told me everything was cheap. Even a big mac is cheaper in Thailand.

If I came here with the expectations Thailand was the same price as western nations or Singapore or Hong Kong, I would be going isn’t this great. Ive had a bad holiday because of me. Ive had a bad holiday due to the mindset I was given about Thailand. It’s not the Thai People or government. Its me. Its me that didn’t research the reality Its me who believed everything I was told. Thailand is just as any other developed nation. Somethings are cheaper than home some are more expensive. As I said a taxi back in Australia is so much more expensive. I drive to over come this. Had I planned better it would have been cheaper than expected but as I said my expectation of prices was unrealistic.

Ive not yet met a Thai that has done me wrong. Any dealings have been great in-fact yet I didn’t bother to see it. I saw that things were supposed to be cheaper and they are not so I must be being taken advantage of and I wasn’t. Im the problem and my friends are the problem. The disinformation and unrealistic expectations have truely tarnished my holiday. I can only change this by doing my best to enjoy the time left.

I am so sorry Thailand for the way I have treated you and acted. Im sure as with the generosity of the Thai people I will be forgiven.