Today my lovely partner in crime woke me with a large Starbucks coffee which was great. I’ve struggled mentally the last few days. Those that know me know that I’m mentally ill and on a truckload of medication. Before leaving for Thailand I was in a bad way and only marginally better coming here though the prognosis was that I would improve as its a holiday and something to look forward to. Well, that wasn’t the case and I’m finding it very hard to not be in my bed in my home. I have no control over my destiny here and am dreading the flight home in case ” I get sick” on the plane.

After  spot of shopping and lunch I headed to the bar we had been frequenting. Its an Australian bar so I had some comfort. Im not sure if this is like every country’s people but if something went wrong as an Australian I would be helped by any Australian nearby. So it really made a difference to me today. I had some handmade bracelets made. One with tiger as god know why that’s what they were calling me at the bar, Anouther was ” Travels with Lobo” He is a fellow YouTuber and I love his channel and he is ust a really nice bloke and he has a top wife. I know it sounds bizarre getting that but hell why not. When anyone asks me what its about he may get some new subs or views. Anyway, I was drinking at the bar and know my limits and lft before I became incapacitated. We gave money to the bar staff as an Christmas present. One of the bar staff said he gets paid 5 days a week and works for tips on the other two days. He was holding back the tears as the money eant he could pay his monthly rent. It made me feel so good. It really is all in the giving. My partner in crime also fixed the other bar staff up and unbelievably tears were flowing everywhere. They had no idea why would do it. It is Christmas and I remember the hell I had to go through being so short of cash it was embaressing. It just made me feel so good.

I got to speak to my evil children which were great. The little monsters seem to be enjoying themselves and not really bothered about being left with their grandmother. Yep, crap presents heading their way now. My littlest, our 8-year-old, was the only one who would seem happy for us to come home. Like I said no presents for them may get something for the 8-year-old.

Anyway, I made the best of the day and we are looking forward to going home. We will be heading to Bali as soon as we can get it all organised and taking 3 of our 8 children with us.

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