Well, it looked nice online and upon arrival. The foyer did smell like sewage but I let that slide.

  • Sheets, holes as big as your feet and tares in sheets.
  • Bed so hard, no joke I thought it was a board with a mattress topper on it but it was a mattress. Impossible to rest on.
  • Toilet seat not connected to the toilet.
  • No toilet paper to be flushed had to go in the bin.
  • Shower for ten days was only cold water. When we complained they would say it would be on by 4pm everyone got the same response. It was so irritating.
  • Rooms not cleaned daily for us anyway. Some days we left the still snoozing sign out but other days nothing was done you make your own bed apparently.
  • Bangla boxing stadium event announcers go until midnight 3 days a week. you won’t sleep it’s so loud.
  • Its new but its so bad it’s not funny.
  • Air Con was great – ice cold.