Honestly, I’ve been waiting for this day to come. My Thailand let down started when people said to me that Phuket was family friendly. It’s surely not that. Thankfully I didn’t have my kids with me as the t-shirts for sale were sexually explicit and on display. Then you have the morning walk of shame as the prostitutes leave their customers or stay with their customers for breakfast at any number of public eateries where it seems acceptable to act in a sexual manner in public. There was a lack of ladyboys but I’m telling you prostitutes were everywhere at every bar or public place. It really was too much.

All the tours seem controlled by the Tuk-Tuk mafia. Prices were fixed between operators. There was no option but to pay the incredibly stupid price they demand for transport. Everywhere you looked there was a Thai that was out there to rip you off. They are not just selling the products they manipulate the prices and make sure there is no competition. Thuggery is widely reported in Phuket and that is why Uber pulled out and the other reason you hardly see a meter taxi. If you can get a meter taxi they are on the take also knowing what the Tuk-Tuk mafia charge, they add charges that just don’t exist. For some reason you get a meter taxi for 50 Baht on the meter, then there is the 150 Baht they add to every ride you simply can’t pay the meter and that makes taxi’s the same price as Tuk-Tuk on trips under 10km. They all know each others scam, you won’t get a fair price.

Food was expensive unless you wanted to eat road kill or at a 7/11. Drinks in 7/11 and grocery stores were just really cheap.

Thai people that we were exposed to were great at times and also the fakest. You may get friendly staff at say Starbucks but the standard greeting you receive from most of the stores were so fake and as fake as the culture and beliefs on display. A Thai will cut your throat for the chance of a Baht not caring about repeat business. They know you are gone in a week so standover tactics used in the jet ski scams the shopping scams the scam where they charge $50 USD for a dink as the price isn’t on the menu is way to common and will never be stamped out with the unbelievable level of corruption on display.

Yes, there are beautiful Thai People proud of there country but really, they are few. I will never return to Thailand as I see it as the biggest shithole on the planet and I’ve been to a lot of countries. Bali has corruption, it has timeshare scams etc. But you never would have standover tactics used against you. Bali is paradise Thailand and the people, in general, are just a collection of thugs and thieves.

So never say I am wrong about this how beautiful it is I went there with a positive frame of mind and left a realist.