As you are aware we are just back from Phuket in Thailand. My partner in crime was starting to get sick from about day 5 of our 10-day trip. We got through it and back too Australia and I was sick as hell. My partner in crime was also ill but said she was ok. I had an awful fever Christmas eve and the fever finally broke Christmas day. I was still feeling bad though.

My partner said she had enough and went to the hospital. She was in real trouble. All along she had been told she had irritable bowel syndrome by the doctor’s and this was over two years. In the emergency department, she was getting worse. A nurse pulled here out of the waiting area and got her seen straight away. She was in a hell of a lot of pain. After a few hours and plenty of imaging, they diagnosed Diverticular Disease. This was not IBS as she had been told and. treated for. Had the emergency dr not played it safe it would not have been found till it was too late. She was going with the IBS diagnosis but then before discharging her decided to take another look.

The Doctors said if she waited two more days before coming to the hospital she would have lost her bowel and five days her life, as she had two abscesses in separate locations on her intestines. The end result had we been in Thailand a week longer or on different days they may have just accepted the IBS diagnosis or not had the medical imaging equipment on hand and available to make the correct diagnosis. It really way hour to hour. We were very lucky to have been in Australia when the acute nature of the illness showed its head.

A lot of days in the hospital and plenty of IV antibiotics and she is somewhat on the mend. I have her home with a pharmacy full of medications and painkillers. Never have I felt so useless. I had been looking after our 8 kids and up the hospital three times a day and I’m also sick still. I get her home and I find out my aunt has died. You just think what next. I sound awful but I wasn’t bothered about my aunt it was more an irritation.

Thank god I’m back in Australia and we are all going to be fine. Now we can focus on the new year coming and the adventures that await.