Well, I never thought I would be writing about this but one of my six daughters turned 13 and wanted to get her nails done. After my “why would you bother it never looks real” and “they will just get in the way” I was informed that I would have to pony up for them even though I spent $150 on buying her a present.

I did it! I gave her money to go and get it done but was horrified at the result. They are too long and look so fake. The practicality of nails this long is lost on everyone in my family apart from my two boys who are sticking solidly on this with me. Women manage to waste money I’m sure of it. If you want long nails to grow them. But my other daughter has fakes over her real nails that are the same length. So the point of the fakes then is to stop the real from breaking. I couldn’t make this up.

Well, the cost to the poor father that pays for their beauty $55, one daughter $55. Then $30 a month maintenance (infill). Multiply that by 6 daughters and a wife just on nails. I should have got a vasectomy!