I went ages having my partner in crime cut my hair as im exceptionally cheap. This is because the $10 barber has closed his doors in Newcastle and I’m unable to find another. It’s not impossible to get a $10 haircut but it does look like a $10 haircut. For my last three haircuts ive been seeing a barber in Charlestown square, cost $30. For a male, this is the standard price.

God knows why but I will delve into the ladies hairdresser but be assured women pay such a range for haircuts there is no real standard. A trim about $40, Colour starts about $150 and it just goes on and on. Women really get ripped off here.

On our recent trip to Thailand, my partner in crime had a colour then a head full of foils for $160 shoulder length hair. In Bali at Johnny Andreas the same cost $60. In Australia, she pays $250 – $300.

There is a lot that charges a hell of a lot more but this is basically the price range if you are coming to Australia. You may be better off getting your hair done elsewhere such as on a stopover. Price is no guarantee as you can pay a lot and still end up looking like a $2 hooker.