Well, hat a waste of a day. My first mistake was ordering from Officeworks the mobile internet router pictured above.

The router came with a sim card which contained 4gb for 14 days for use in Australia. True to for anything in Australia turns into a mess. The class clowns packaged the modem with the wrong size sim. A full-size sim that when on the phone to Officeworks he told me it was a multi-fit sim. It was not. He then wanted a photo as I must be a moron so things get heated. He then informs me I need to get in touch with Optus to fix it up. Blood boiling. I reminded him I bought it from office works and it’s their problem. He assured me they only resell the item it now is my problem with Optus. By this stage, you really wish you could punch someone down a phone. line. He finally gets me a manager who really didn’t see a problem we will give you a sim card that fits. Problem is I would then lose out on my 4gb data. She said it the best they can do or refund me. If I owned this company I would fire the lot of them. At. no stage as a customer of Optus reselling their devices did they say we will get on to Optus and sort something out like mail me a sim the correct size with the data.

Optus shit fight starts now as I thought stuff it and bought the right size sim for $6. Activation Shitfight check, Finally activated cant check balance as won’t link online second shitfight, Credit not applied ask them to fix it but that takes 24 hours. My option given here was to recharge again, great idea. You never get a refund out of Optus it’s just not possible so if I recharge again and they do finally get their shit together and bill my card im shit out of $60 which they won’t refund. Try talking to Optus as if they are human beings and its impossible. It’s like they send rational people off to training courses so they can work in these positions and turn them into the most moronic immovable people there is. They can see the problems at their end yet you get the standard wait 24 hrs and try again. what about when you get paid we keep saying wait for 24 hrs etc or better still make them call the call centre about their pay. Absolutely the most useless pack of shits I have ever come across. No common sense just buck passing.

5 Hour pass and I give up for the day Its beat me just wait till one of the Optus telemarketers gets me next time or They tout their services in a shopping mall I assure you I will waste hours of their time.