Today was the easiest time I’ve ever had renewing a passport. The system has changed, no longer do you need to provide all the documents that you already provided before. A bit of common sense which is unlike the government. This time I just needed to show my old passport which they cut up in front of me. I no longer needed a witness from the list that has known me for years nor a copy of my birth certificate. It was a smooth transaction.

I’m applying for my British passport which I lost so this is going to be a pain. The paperwork is underway and I’ve applied for my fathers birth certificate. The trouble is and I’m not sure how to get around it is that you need your old passport to apply for a new one online. As I said I can’t find it but it would have expired years ago so I will see what happens.

All in all great new way from the Australian Government as it was ridiculous the old system of resubmitting all the same documents each time. I believe it cost $289 so it wasn’t cheap but hell that’s for10 years.