Beauty products in Australia are targeting a younger audience than before. The models in the advertisements both TV and print could surely not be out of their teen years yet they are projecting how effective anti-wrinkle creams etc effectiveness are. Last I remember in my teens I had no wrinkles.

They all proffer that the new miracle ingredient will cure the ageing process. There was a product in Thailand which was meant to make your skin whiter which is desirable in the Asian community it was from what i gather made from snails. Whilst not on sale in Australia there are plenty of other whitening skin products available.


Do we need to have our teens so desperate for perfection? What happened to just a moisturizer as part of skin care or just good old face washing to combat acne. It seems we have to try the next new thing that promises the next miracle solution to a natural process. We were kids, of course, we get acne. Did I buy every product around? My parents made sure I knew how to wash my face properly. Shouldn’t we just be doing the same now? The pursuit of beauty has become mad when they show 18-year-olds and say its effective against wrinkle trying to create a market for an issue where there is none.

My daughter has fallen prey to the marketing with the huge variety of crap they stick on their faces. My 13-year-old came home after being out with her grandmother with a charcoal based face mask. What 13-year-old needs this yet all my daughters and friends lined up to try it. The pressure on young women is immense. The mere fact they think they need all this is a sad indictment of society. That’s all I’m saying.