As the title suggests I’m really going to make an effort to do one good thing a day to help a stranger preferably or a friend or acquaintance. I really feel selfish in life. I have a great life yet I moan about what I want all the time yet I have a house I can feed myself and in general, I’m blessed with friends and family.

I thought this would be easy but it’s damn hard trying to find someone to help. It doesn’t need to help per say but kind in some manner. I’ve come to the realisation I have at my age what people strive their lives for. There are many that are homeless etc. But I don’t see them or know where to find them so I’m just going to go out of my way to be nice to people I run into. It may be at a store or people I know.

Today’s effort was I bought pizza for the kids and their friends. I was searching for ideas and realised I couldn’t be bothered cooking and kids love pizza. We have one of the kid’s friends staying with us at the moment and I have no idea when she is going home nor do I care as she is nice to have around and has a difficult life.

It’s not the best for day one but at least I’m trying. If I can make 14 days I will then try a month just to be a better person. I would love it if others joined me in this.