Unbelievably hot today. I managed to go out for a while shopping in what I thought would have been amazing shopping mall air conditioning. Sadly it wasn’t as good as shopping malls in Bali where you really freeze when your inside but I guess it was comfortable.

Parts of Sydney hit 47 degrees, which is just madness. God help those that don’t have air conditioning at home which is usually the elderly. That’s why so many of them on days like this end up in hospital.

My good deed for the day was a struggle I thought this was going to be easy. But sometimes do we really have the opportunity to be nice when you are already polite by nature. The only nice thing I did today was yet again feeding the three freeloading friends of my children. I say that with affection though. We tend to have the kids friends here and sometimes they don’t go home and I don’t really mind but still, I’m going to have to. lift my game to do something special for tomorrow. It really was so hot today so no one was in the mood for interaction. Anyway, the kids have all been fed and have now taken off to the beach at 8pm. I really can’t blame them.

I desperately want to learn Indonesian which you would think due to our location being neighbours this would be a relatively simple task. I’m after classes and online at last resort. ell I found online and plenty of places in Indonesia but really no class options here in Australia that were practical. I cant travel to Sydney for classes and even if I could the delivery of classes was so time restrictive. I just love Indonesia and when I travel to Bali when you are outside of the main tourist hubs, Kuta etc you really could do with knowing the language if you know what I mean. Yes, you can get by but as I want to head to Jakarta at some stage I really need to have this skill. Online looks my only option so if anyone is aware of any other delivery of a programme I would love to hear from you.