Today was a fail. I cant believe I’m finding it so hard to do a good deed a day. I simply do not go out enough or interact with people enough. All I can say is again I fed the hungry masses of my children’s friends but I thought I could at least have bought someone a coffee. As I don’t work I have obviously no co-workers to inflict my good deed on. At the shopping centres people will think you’re a freak if you offer something like that. Well, Its back to the grind and plan out how I’m going to do this.

Im for the first time in my life heading out on a trip by my self. You need to understand I have PTSD anxiety and depression so this is an epic step. I have to do this though. Im so reliant on others for my well being I thought it would also give my carer a break even though she doesn’t feel she needs it. It really is a big step forward as I cant drive without someone with me. I need that support 24/7. This is madness as Im looking at flying to Manila from Sydney. The only saving grace if I cant cope my carer can be with me in 24 hrs. I just don’t know how I will go. I know my travel insurance has so many exclusions for me unless I’m hit by a truck in a restroom I’m not going to be covered. Is this madness or genius? I will be responsible for ensuring I take my medication when due , etc. Anyway here’s hoping it will be ok. I have some time to back out as my new passport is three weeks off.