Today I nailed a good deed and early in the day too. It was great and gross but I got there. I helped an old man get up out of his wheelchair to go to the toilet. Now the gross bit as he got up he shit everywhere. My good deed was done, I wasn’t hanging around, that is what their carers are for. I don’t do that end well as I couldn’t do it with my kids I would gag changing nappies. He was incontinent and had the adult nappy on but there was shit everywhere. Good deed done move on.

Feeling pumped for the day my plan of going to Manila by myself is out the window. My partner in crime would rather I go to Bali where I know where everything is and there are a lot of Australians around to help. Not needing a second promting, I will be heading to Bali which will worry my mother to no end but I need to do this. I cant book until I get my new passport. I have no idea why it takes three weeks for a renewel. Yu can get them done in less than two days if urgent so three weeks a joke. They will produce them and hold them until the time elapses. My birth certificate was done all they needed to do was print it which the dd but they couldnt hand it to my as I didnt pay priority so they had to post it. Like the guy has it inhis hand but cant hand it over. Im sure the same applies to passports. Anyway I will be making Youtube Vids of my adventures and willl be going for 12 days.

My plan till I leave is to actually make a list of what I want to do in Bali having been there 9 times Im going to film it all this time so I need a big list. I also do a lot of shopping as dresses are really cheap there. And no, the dresses are not for me but for my rabble of children. Any idea’s or things you would like to see email me.