Today’s good deed cost me a bundle. Instead of my bastard children going out and buying all their school stuff I did it. Yep, mr lazy got off his bum and travelled to three shopping centres to do this saving their mother from doing it. Its a big deal as I’d rather use a cheese grater on my testicles than shop for other people. I do love shopping but it has to be for myself and I can shop non stop. This was hard as there was so many tiny things and books and bags etc all boring stuff. I have a poor attention span but I kept it together. I even love grocery shopping it’s my one buzz of the week. Saying this I was not happy doing my good deed today and it did put me in a foul mood battling to get things with women who if 2 inches taller would have been perfectly round. Where are all the Yummy Mummy’s? Damn no eye candy today.

I’ve been chopping and changing between Manila and Bali for some time out but it has to be Bali after I read the story about Damian Berg an Australian being framed for drug selling. Google it he was found not guilty after CCT Tv proved it was a police set up. Bali may have corruption but that would never happen, Never Ever In Bali. Most you will get is your fine for something you did, pocketed, by someone but you would have done what the alleged unlike the situation in Manila. Bali I understand the taxi’s the money etc I know my way around and honestly love the Balinese people. The Hindu and Muslim Balinese are the nicest people on the planet and so kind so I’m definitely going. No more changes.