With much anxiety, I kept my appointment with the dentist. I usually make the appointment and back out the day before. But I had a massive hole in my tooth. It started out small then a piece came out yesterday leaving a hole so big you wouldn’t want to try to dig it. Lets just all accept the fact dentist get off on causing you pain. The more pain you’re in the better. Why when they have their hands in your mouth why do they ask some stupid question? Like you are able to answer.

To be fair this bastard of a dentist was gentle. I didn’t feel the needle at all and bugger me if he didn’t work his bum off to save my tooth from root canal therapy. That is what I thought was going to happen but he still took an hour to repair the hole. All up it cost me $22 as the heath fund picked up the difference. As I said he earnt his money today and I was like a rat with a new tooth I was so happy. I am going to get all my teeth fixed so I get a great smile and truly look like a sexy looking rooster.

My good deed for the day was a fail. Duck egg zero yet again. I really am trying though it’s just hard.