Today was crap! I drove from Newcastle to Katoomba some 245km to pick up one of my bastard children. I got to see my wife’s ex-husband which is always pleasant. I can only describe him as semi neanderthal. The other issue I have with this INSERT DEFAMATORY DESCRIPTION is he speaks in mumble. I have no idea how to communicate with him. Honestly, I would have driven across the country to get the bastard child back.

The Blue Mountains and Katoomba are shit. I’ve always hated it. They build on the side of a mountain with eucalyptus trees and they want us to pay when their dumb arse house burns down. This happens every 3 years a bushfire in the Blue Mountains. And I hate the rock formation there that is called the three sisters. If it’s in the blue mountains it would be the three tarts. Seriously its just bush it’s not pretty and very overrated. They have crappy shops there selling old crap no one wants in their garages and call them antique. I’m calling Bullshit! Its just crap no one wants. This is the sort of crap my brother fills his house with, absolutely useless twaddle. Just to irritate me some more I’m sure the petrol stations pump was not filling my car up as much as was showing on the pump. My car has never been that empty even if its possible for that many litres in my tank. But you cant prove it move on I guess, just adds to the fact I hate the blue mountains and the people from there and I will throw in the nuts who own horses, I hate them too. Anyway, I made it back to civilisation and I was glad to see the little Bastards all reunited.

Now I may seem a little bit grizzly in general but you have 8 little bastards 6 of them girls and see how you cope. The boys punch it on argument done and dusted. The girls continue fights that started six months ago. Pity me. I have 3 little bastards from my first Marriage my wife had three from her first marriage and we had two together. I love them all to bits but pity any man with five daughters they are much worse than boys. I wanted a pet and the come home with a girl dog. It’s a joke surely.

My good deed for the day was truly trying to be nice to the father of the bastard child. None of the other kids will go and it’s a struggle to be nice.