I honestly believe Specsavers is the best optical dispenser in the country. There are no hidden costs and to get two pairs for under $250 on average is great. I recall paying $600 a pair 15 years ago before Specsavers turned the industry on their heads. Last week I took three of the Bastard children on Saturday and they all had a test and needed glasses. For all three I paid no gap so not a cent for two pairs each. I took the other two Bastard children and repeated the process with the same result no out of pocket cost. Both frankenspous and I also got glasses claiming on our health care and no charge. So for 7 people two pairs of glasses each no cost. Our health fund got a bashing from our family. We could not be without private health insurance and it sure paid off for us. Frankenspouse is going to get her distance glasses made into sunglasses but we will pay for that as its so affordable here.

We are with BUPA Health fund which caters to our specific needs, well its the best fit four our large family.

Passport Update – I received my new Australian passport today. I’m just waiting for the birth certificate to come from the United Kingdom. As soon as I get that I can send all the paperwork in to get my British passport re-issued. This is a big deal as I have this dream about living in the UK and Europe.

Good deed for the day. I was exceptionally nice to the Bastard pharmacist. I really can’t stand this miserable shit. I may joke about my Bastard children but this guy treats everyone as a bastard. Frankenspouse needs a valium and a lay down after she deals with him. I went to get my medication by myself as she just refused today. Usually, they have a smoking hot pharmacist which make the chance of seeing this miserable shit worth the risk. But alas butt ugly chicks were on and this misery guts.