We leave Friday 19th of January to go to the Gold Coast of Queensland until the 25th January.

It’s an 8 – 10 hour drive which is no fun but we will make stops along the way at places like the Big Banana at I believe Grafton as an example.

We are staying at Bigarra Waters which is next to Surfers Paradise. It was much cheaper for the apartment this way. 5 of us will be going so I’m taking the three little Bastards and leaving the two big Bastards at home. We booked through the website and it was about 15% cheaper than through the hotel apps like Booking.com, Agoda etc. We chose an apartment as we really need to cook to keep the food costs down. We already have theme park tickets from our last trip so the annual pass has been great for us. We have made an itinerary this time as we end up lounging about doing not too much by the pool or beach. I love to shop so we will hit the major centres as soon as we are up there as we do need to grocery shop pretty much straight away. We won’t be taking the little Bastards to the Southport shooting range this time as it has gone from $55 to $65 and that’s just a little too much for what it is and I really don’t know if its a good idea anyway getting the little Bastards involved in such an activity. Having said that I have taken them twice before so its much of muchness isn’t it. Now my littlest bastard can dog paddle we should have a bit more fun at the water park though obviously its still going to require 100% supervision. Its just less of a panic if her head goes under water.

We are going to blog the whole way up and video so look at my Youtube Channel if you can and please Subscribe I desperately need to get to 1000 Subscribers.