As of a few hours ago, I will stop making my $70 a month in advertiser revenue. This is because of new rules about advertiser-friendly video’s being able to be monetised. All mine were. The problem is a lot of the big YouTubers content didn’t meet this standard so they took a drop in revenue. So they now reduce the pool of which advertisers can deal with giving them back revenue on their videos comply. In other words they behave badly and complain and youtube rewards them with higher cents per click and making honest clean youtubers no longer eligible.

I can get tonnes of subscribers and views if I want to film sexually suggestive content like go go bars. I didn’t, I kept it clean now I’m being punished. Like usual youtube only gives a shit about the big channels which are being paid 6 million dollars a year.

So I get screwed over because a few big boys cant behave then cry when their revenue is cut. But don’t worry fellas my $70 a month will be added to your $6,000,000 you get this year. Youtube can Fuck off and so can the big creators. I always kept my channel G rated. No longer….

Last week Logan was guilty of filming a man who suicided and was still hanging from a tree and making jokes about it.. His channel still remains. Big boys separate set of rules. Had of been me I would be banned.