We started the trip early leaving at about 330am. The drive was amazing no traffic and no delays due to roadworks which is the usual situation. Frankenspouse and the little bastards got repeat after repeat of Ed Sheerin and Robbie Williams with my awesome vocal talents. We went through about $50 of petrol for the trip which was great. We keep the Mitsubishi Outlander just for trips and it has about 10,000 km on it now. It must be as I just had it serviced. We bought a second new car just to do our running around in and for when we don’t need the seven seats. That is amazing on fuel. I wore my Thai Boxing Shorts that I actually got in Thailand and guys if you got them wear them on trips big wide elastic on the waist and cool and your balls have a party in them. I stopped driving at the border as I’m shit in traffic. The good thing with all the new extensions you only pass through three towns which cut driving time by at least an hour.

No word of a lie Queensland drivers are the best I have come across. They let you in give you a friendly wave, they are just the coolest and something else you don’t see in NSW is drivers with their dogs in the front seat. I just think that’s nice. If you did that in Sydney the police would book the life out of you.

We got to the hotel, I was allowed to book it even though I have bad form on this. To everyone’s surprise, the hotel did not suck balls. It’s a belter.  We didn’t have much choice as its school holidays so we had to take a pick from a limited field but all in all great. Bed good, kitchen and everything just great. Two toilets and that’s a bonus. Washing machine and dryer. The apartment is a tad small for 5 but really we can live with it.

We headed out to Harbourtown for some grocery shopping. I will put photos at the bottom. Honest so cheap and great quality at the fruit and vegetable show. The little bastards went mental trays of blueberries, strawberries, peaches, Dragon fruit, we got a tonne of chat potatoes’, cherries, Grapes and really a stack of vegetables. The little bastards will be shitting through the eye of a needle with it all. I can’t complain we don’t allow junk food really so you cant knock them back with this. I have one little bastard that will turn into a banana up here, and they are cheap also.

I just found out my bitch face sister and her melon head kids are up here also. They were due to fly out today but the flight got cancelled. I’ve had three hours sleep so this is once I don’t want to catch up with her. Her big melon head has autism so he did shit hot getting up here and getting around. He’s still a shit head but I do love him. He did so well I won’t kick him in the nuts next time I see him. The shithead called me which for me made my holiday.

We are theme parking tomorrow. We have yet to decide which one but will have a video on the youtube channel as soon as we can but it will be when we get back do to internet problems.

Now here are the photos you bastards ( Whats with a round Beach Towel )