Night quarter is simply Amazing. It’s an awesome concept. The stores and food places are all in their own modified shipping container. You can see the featured image how they are set up. I have also got a gallery post underneath this where you can see more. The entry was $3 for everyone aged over 12. They had beef steaks starting at $15. They had Thai, Spanish, Chinese etc. Really there was every type of food by country available. The seating was very well done with a lot more than was needed. You could choose from a covered area to outdoor to in makeshift seating areas. There were some general goods such as clothing and odd’s and ends being sold. It was great and definitely a must see when on the gold coast. It’s very affordable though. Whilst parking is available it can be a bit tricky to find a spot. There is security present and they also stop traffic so you can cross the road. Its just really well done.