Paradise Country is a small farm you can take the family to. It’s pretty hard to find as the signs are not clear. When you do get to the parking area its about 800 meters to the gate and it’s not wheelchair nor pram friendly. It’s pretty much a shit fight until you get inside.

The little bastards headed straight to the nursery which had piglets, alpaca, goats, sheep also chickens. What was disappointing is they structured the area so it was virtually impossible to interact with the animals apart from sheep and goats. I’m used to patting kangaroos etc at other parks such as Currumbin Sanctuary and Australia zoo. Those parks are much better than this. We had a theme park pass which gave us entry so the only benefit was that we didn’t pay for this. We wouldn’t go again though. They did have shows but whip cracking show seemed a pointless exercise honestly. So it really was a letdown but it did fill in an hour.