Today I took the whippersnappers to the Movie world. Again we were still able to use ur annual pass and this is the fourth trip we have done this. The passes for the family in total were $500 when we purchased them for the five of us. Great value as that’s four theme parks unlimited entry. We go in and at lunch head up the road where food is cheap then return to the parks after lunch. It just works out great for us. They were a bit of a shit not letting me take a coffee in with me and I can see no reason why.

The eldest two buggered off and went on rides which were great for them as there was no wait due to Queensland kids going back to school. We really had the park to ourselves.  Our little one got to hug Tweety, she saw Scooby Doo and Shaggy also had a bit of fun with Wonder Woman. She didn’t understand Austin Powers but she did like the dancing. We all had a great time with no line in the Dodgem cars. This is the first time Amelie could go by herself as she was tall enough but elected to go with me but she drove and steered the car which was great. She is really getting big now.

We bought some merchandise which was really affordable which was a great shock. Usually, fun parks make the goods so expensive but not Movie World. I think their prices were fair.

Photos of our day below