Well, the Gold Coast bid us farewell as we made the long trek homeward to Newcastle New South Wales. To start the trip we were greeted with the fact that there were double demerit points in place for the times we were travelling.  The amazing thing we had was that we could tether the iPad to the iPhone then the kids were able to watch Netflix the whole way home without using data. That is an awesome tip so look out for that prepaid offer on your sim card for when you travel.

One major difference it the states of New South Wales and Queensland is that Queensland drivers are a lot more courteous than their NSW counterparts. I would say NSW drivers are better but rude though. In NSW if you leave a gap they charge into it but having said that I saw no accidents in QLD.

The drive from Qld to Newcastle is around 8-9 hours though the roads were clear of traffic up and back. There are a lot of new sections to the roads and bypasses which save so much time. We had no issues travelling at 110kph, We had free run of the road. There was adequate service centre’s open along the way now, which was not the case six months ago. We were worried in sections last time about where the next stop for fuel was, this is not an issue now. There were a couple of nasty sections where you go from 110kph to 50kph with a speed camera stuck in there for good measure. Miss this and you’re in court with no licence for six months so you need to keep your eyes open.

The little bastards went the whole trip without a toilet stop. Any parent will appreciate the mere miracle that is. I just kept them in food when we refuelled as there was always a McDonalds or KFC there. The car travelled well a Mitsubishi Outlander, Perfect for the five of us. Great for luggage and the little bastards had enough room. The air conditioning didn’t struggle either and it as stupidly hot outside. All in all a great road trip up and back, I couldn’t have been happier.

We go again on the June School Holidays!