I’m ten days out from leaving for my solo trip to Bali. I’m travelling with just a 7kg carry on bag which just arrived today. The main bag I will be using to return to Australia is a collapsable duffle style bag which fits in my hand luggage great. I have 30 kg returning baggage allowance but I won’t need that much. I’m buying my clothes each day but taking Boardshorts with me as they are light and take virtually no room at all. My footwear will just be the sandals I’m wearing and a pair of flip-flops in my carry on as if my sandals break with my foot size I will find it hard to replace them and I don’t want to risk being barefoot.

Essentials > Sunscreen – Shampoo – body wash – deodourant – Toilet paper – Coke – Toothpaste – Ancillary items all will be purchased there.

I need my prescriptions and a letter from the dr as I’m on medication, and a lot of it, for mental illness. I’m dreading the thought of Bali Belly but Imodium etc is so much cheaper in Bali if I need it I will get it. I also have numbers for local doctors that do hotel visits and I have saved everything to my cloud in case my partner needs to print my travel insurance to talk to them on my behalf if I get stranded or fall ill. I think I have it covered and I remember that I have already packed my travel adaptor.

I will be taking my Canon g7x mark 2 so I hope it doesn’t let me down. We own two but I will only take one. The GoPro Hero 6 I’m not sure if I will take it. Its such a hassle to get out on the gimbal and record with it, I like the feel of a normal camera so I will just risk it and use my iPhone as a backup.

My phone is an iPhone 8 and a local sim has been organised for 30gb of data so I can WhatsApp the family both voice and text message.  The hotel. has free wifi but I heard its slow and pretty intermittent so I didn’t want to rely on it. the 30gb for 60 days cost $30 and I realise I can get it there for $10 but this guy delivers and I have support if it doesn’t work or fit etc. I used balisim2u.com When the volcano erupted and I couldn’t fly there he. refunded my money no questions asked so I went straight back with him this time.

My accommodation is paid for so I’ve budgeted $200 a day which is way more than I need for one person but if I get stuck I will need a bit of cash. I’ve contacted the bank to let them know I am going so I should have no problems with Cash machines if I get stuck. They recommend if I use my card to have it replaced the day I arrive home in case of skimming occurring so I will only use as a last resort. I love shopping that’s why I’m taking a big duffle bag to bring my haul in. I didn’t want checked luggage to go over with as it just slows you up at the airport when you arrive.

I’m really excited about my solo voyage but nervous as hell.Please like comment and subscribe and join the adventure!