As some may know I’m leaving for Bali Indonesia tomorrow. I’m half excited and half shitting myself as its the first solo trip of my life. Constant thoughts of can I do it bother me. Trying to be positive I have looked up all the shopping malls as I go to Bali to shop. I may take in some of the sights but I have been nine times before.

I’m staying in a hotel full of Australians as that does help. I find if anyone has a problem Australians help Australians. The wife insisted on the hotel for that reason.

I have to leave Newcastle at 4am to be at the airport on time. I’m mega nervous I’m going to miss the fight due to something stupid.

I’ve packed a lot of things for the charity “Bras for Bali” they also need food and virtually everything. I will buy a sack of rice over there as its very cheap.They also needed bags to distribute the food packages in so I got 20 of the Woolworths fabric enviro bags which will help out. I intend on looking around for cheap items on the first two days while I’m doing other shopping.

Anyway, I’m filming for my Youtube channel though those videos will have to be edited once home but check my blog for daily updates, please.

Thanks Greg