Bali today is so very hot and steamy. The first impression you get is that Bali has very few tourist compared to any other time of the year, this can be put down to volcanic activity. The volcano has been downgraded so I would hope for Bali’s sake the people return. As there is a lack of tourists the touts are even worse than normal if that’s possible. They have become very aggressive and won’t take no for an answer, indeed even an acknowledgement at all is enough for them to hound you.

I started the day off at Gloria Jean’s coffee shop which was great. Earlier I just stopped in at McDonald’s for some muffins but walked two doors up for the coffee. It was amazing that they make the coffee so well. Every time I mean honestly great. They have reduced the price I believe as I was of the belief they were the same price as Starbucks but they aren’t. One thing which is understandable is that they removed the public toilet they had for customers. This is understandable as it was always blocking up so they must have been fed up with it.

Even with fewer tourists, there seems to be a lot less taxi’s which doesn’t make sense. Another sneaky Taxi tactic is a new provider copying the bluebird taxi paint job and markings exactly but instead of being BlueBird they are Bluebiro. It’s very easy to make the mistake now.

I came to Bali yesterday and was feeling very alone as it’s my first solo trip and decided to eat in at the hotel. One thing about this hotel is every time I have stayed here and ordered room service it has been amazing. I ordered pizza and a few of those bloody stupid skinny cans which you need two to be the size of an Australian can. The hotel is usually so full but not now. Like all the other hotels they have been affected by the lack of tourism. They still have the same standards though getting an extra night wasn’t a problem which it would have been any other time.

I have a plethora of goods for the charity “Bras for Bali”. I went to get rice and noodles but there is no way I could get them delivered by myself. So back to plan how I’m going to do this rice was $13 AUD for a sack so I was going to buy a few and also 40 packs of noodles were $8 AUD again how am I going to carry carton and sacks with all my other stuff myself. Either I ask for a pick up from here at the hotel or do multiple trips which I don’t want to do. I got 10 tubes of toothpaste for 30 cents each and twenty toothbrushes for about the same.

I think I’m becoming OCD as I’m showering three times a day as I am just getting so hot and sweaty. Its nuts but I got the best product for men its a body wash shampoo etc all in one. Never saw this before so will post a picture here.


Anyway heading to Discovery Shopping mall to buy some presents for the bastard children and frankenspouse.