I was really upset with how I was treated at Galeria the other day by a taxi driver. I was thrown out the taxi ten minutes upon leaving and left on the side of the road because I made him use the meter. I was also made pay which irritated the life out of me.

Today a taxi driver from the same company picked me up. I wasn’t going to use this taxi company again but I had waited so very long for taxies just to pass by full. I resigned myself to what I believed was the fact that I was going to be ripped off with no real options.

My god, this driver was great. He explained he was Muslim and really had joy inside him telling me all about it. He was honest and upfront from the beginning. I really did meet a person with joy in their heart and it’s great when these things happen. We were stopped for a while as traffic was a nightmare but he still kept chatting just making my day much better for it. Truly people such as him should be held in high regard for the service to Bali and the goodness of his heart. A truly amazing man. His meter was accurate as I had made the run a dozen times and he really was honest in the route he took. This man is a credit to his industry.

This has shown me that stereotyping people and or companies are wrong. Take each person as an individual and without taking negative beliefs into your first meeting. I learnt today this.