Carrefour is without a doubt must-do destination for shopping. They have general merchandise and clothing and a very helpful electrical department.

I was looking for a computer mouse and it was hard to find in Bali but I managed to purchase one of the many in the selection at Carrefour. I picked up many beauty products for frankenspouse and the little Bastards also. They really have a great range and the staff are so helpful. I wanted to take back a few surprises with items we couldn’t buy in Australia. Some of these were hair vitamins and Kiss spray etc. They were a hit with the family. Thankfully other female shoppers noticed that I was staring aimlessly and helped me out as did the wonderful staff.

Carrefour also has a great grocery section which means you can stock the hotel minibar very cheaply they also stock alcohol and cigarettes. Prices are great and if you need nappies etc it’s really the place to go as its open about 1 1/2 hours before anything else in the area and stays open until 10pm. Simply sensational.

Other stores in the complex are KFC, A&W, Coffee Bean and many other independent retailers. There is a limited food court mainly indigenous foods. There is a currency Exchange shop that gives great rates and you get all of your cash and its safe.

Souvenirs are plentiful in Carrefour and you can pick up purses, wooden carvings, fans, wind chimes, hair clips, key chains, masks, clocks, bangles and bracelets. There are just so many more items.

Getting there either use bluebird or grab. Bluebird has about 5 taxis vacant at all times just in the parking area so that is great. It’s very easy to get to and leave.