Matahari department store has a great range. Found in Kuta Square, Mal Bali Galeria and various other locations.

Great range of Authentic Clothing which is hard to find in Bali. Great for shoes but if you’re a man and have size 12 hoofs you’re going to struggle. The women will love the shoes and clothes shopping. They have a great range for kids and really its hard to go wrong as its one of the few shopping outlets where the quality is great. If you’re a fatty like me they do still have some clothing. that can fit you which is hard to find in Bali. Plenty of souvenirs on offer so you won’t miss out on that either.

An odd thing that you will appreciate is the Air Conditioning is set to subarctic and gives great relief when you just need to cool down. The air con is so much better than your hotel or anywhere else on the island so really you will appreciate knowing this.

Kuta square Matahari has a Gloria Jeans Coffee on one of the exits and an A&W at the same side. From the main entrance, there is a McDonalds, Burger King and KFC. As it fronts the main street in Kuta it also has a lot of shops around and everyone speaks English well. I make many a trip to Matahari as it also has a limited grocery store attached and I grab cold drinks from there to take back to my refrigerator in the hotel room so I don’t need to wait for them to cool down.