Canberra ACT is about a 2 1/2 hr drive from Sydney. Its a territory of Australia and is the Capital City. There are so many things to do in Canberra apart from the museums, Sports Institute, the mint etc.

What I’m here for is the shopping. It’s not something you imagine Canberra to be but a shopping destination none the less. There are many shopping malls and shopping outlets and markets. They have an excellent Ikea which. I love also.

Shopping malls are dotted throughout the territory and they are not far to get to as Canberra is pretty small. One thing I noticed is that food prices at the grocery stores are significantly cheaper than those in Newcastle. All shopping malls have grocery stores and they seem to be the same as Newcastle with access to Woolworths, Coles and Aldi. There is a fresh fruit and vegetable market in Canberra on the weekends and I have been before and it’s cheap if you want organic products but a bit high in price for the quality of normal fruit and vegetables. I personally stick with the 3 big grocers for this.

The shopping malls are pretty and very clean. I couldn’t find a brand that wasn’t available here that I could get in Newcastle or Sydney. They also have the flagship David Jones, Myer, Target and Kmart etc. You are not stuck for choice for phone companies so if you need a sim or a top up you have it all here. Mobile phones with all models and iPhones are available. The apple store is very large here and well staffed I might add. You will literally spend weeks shopping if you want without being bored with the same stores at different locations. There really is such variety.

The only negative is that Canberra does food courts very badly. In fact, they are shit. Yes, you can get a feed at one of the major fast food places but the variety and quality of food on offer sucks arse majorly. They really need to look to Sydney or more importantly Melbourne on how to design a food court and what is the mix of food offerings to have there not just people who can afford the rent.