No knock off gear here. You’re able to buy with confidence mid-range products from the stores here. Also great food on offer and a theatre.

The difference in this mall is its genuine products and they have specials that really are very great. You have to wonder why you would purchase knock-off gear in the markets when you can get Adidas or Billabong etc for not much more in cost. Nearly all brands are on offer with the exception of a computer store and a grocery store being the only let down to this mall. Shoes are still better in my opinion at Matahari department store though every other product is better here. Other odd things for a mall include a dentist and a doctor, this could be handy though.

The food is the star here sprawling two levels. I ate mainly at Pepper Lunch as I have a very soft spot for it. All the majors such as Burger king on two different levels, Starbucks, Sour Sally and just tonnes of speciality eateries are on offer. Not a fan of Johnny Rockets but they are there also. Really jump online and google them as you won’t want to eat anywhere else as its clean and safe food. The eateries are packed for a good reason and you may wait 5 minutes to be seated where applicable but its worth it as all types of cuisine are on offer.

The air con works though it’s much better in the shops. The layout is open so the heat of the days comes straight through with no walls to stop it. That’s my major complaint, It just sucks arse. Its still shaded and they do try to keep open areas of the mall cool but its effort wasted. Like I said the individual stores are well air conditioned so you won’t suffer.

Everyone speaks English so no problems with that. There is a mix of tourists and more affluent Balinese who use this mall. Everyone is friendly and there is plenty of security and they do search bags on entry. They often have entertainment and a stage for any idiot who thinks they can sing to humiliate themselves in front of many a shopper. Entry is via Poppies lane 2 or the main entrance on Pantai Kuta ( Kuta beach road). Taxis are available on Pantai Kuta.

My Key points – Great food and variety – Great quality stores – Great atmosphere.

Negative is it does not open until 10 am.