Very popular way to shop. People are mainly moving toward fixed price market stalls such as Miss Debbie in Garlic Lane Legian. ( This is not the real street name though all taxi drivers know where you are talking about ) They also have Ketut in the same street which is another popular fixed price store. Avoid all other market stalls apart from fixed price and I will explain why.

Say you want a billabong knockoff shirt and you ask how much they will come back with either 300,000 – 500,000 rupiah so $30 – $50 for a knock-off which is absolute shit. They do this every time and it irritates the shit out of me when I know they will accept 50,000 or $5. If you offer a fair price of 50,000 they will come down from their ridiculous price and won’t accept your 50,000. This is stupid as everyone only pays this, it’s retarded they do this every time. Then they will start with the how many you want. You haven’t settled on a price and they talk about quantity. Its seems fun the first few times but it really starts to grind you down to the point you just want to smack them. They are so desperate for sales as the malls in Bali are absolutely smashing them as people have had enough of the stupid levels they start at they just would prefer to pay a little more get the real deal or just go straight to a fixed price store where your shirt is just $5 to start with. They complain then “Big Size” where they pay no more no less for sizes but its another way they try to get more. If you end up just so irritated you walk off they cant accept that you couldn’t give a bugger if they drop to $5 and that you just don’t want to deal with them.

Never let them do your nails or four people will swamp you and start cutting etc your nails. Now they said free just fix them no charge. Five seconds into it they all every single person harassing you for stupid amounts of rupiah and they have got you caught. You have to pay you cant get away. Just say no. Never ever let them touch your nails your partner’s nails or your children.

In the market stall area, they have people who will be trying to sell you Viagra and Cialis and they don’t take no very well. This happens at every market stall area. Like your going to take a prescription-only drug from a street dealer. My god, they are bad with this and very threatening when you say no and your not interested.

Market stall areas are chronic with people trying to sell you drugs. They are usually in tandem with the police so if you buy they tell the police straight away and you’re in prison for a long time and they get the drugs back to repeat the process. Don’t do drugs in Bali. And you will be harrassed from Meth to marijuana you name it they will sell it to you but again your going to jail a 100% of the time.

Market stalls are bastards with money. If you pay with a 100,000 rupiah note you hold it up and say 100,000 before you hand it over. They stick in there pocket and pull out a 10,000 rupiah not and say that’s what you gave them. Always hold the note up and say the denomination of it and agree before it hits their hands. Only about 30% will be crooks like that but you will experience it if you buy in markets enough.

My general feeling if you want knock off gear stick to fixed price shops. Write down the amount they told you for it and agree before you hand over money and make sure you have correct change before you leave. Do not buy from the local market stalls that are everywhere as you will have very unpleasant experiences that you may not even discover until your back at your hotel and it’s too late.

Another trick is if they don’t have enough of your size they will bag them before you check the size of every item and you will have smalls instead of large etc. All sales are final. Once that money is in their hand there are no returns even if you discover what they have done one shop ahead. Too bad.

Never ever argue with a market stall holder as you will come off second best and in trouble. They all stick together and will mob you in a dispute especially if the stall holder starts yelling. You’re not getting your money back or an exchange just accept it and learn from it unless you like being beaten senseless. You can express your displeasure to some degree but keep your head about you as you won’t win. A smile and being polite may resolve an issue but highly unlikely. This is their profession they are there every day you just blow in for a couple of weeks. You may think you can handle anything but they have seen and done it all. You won’t win.

All the market stalls sell all the same shit. To make it worse it doesn’t change from year to year you go. Everything is the same with the knock-off designs the bags etc. You get no benefit by going to the next market stall or browsing them all as its all the same stock from the same supplier. This is why I say just go to a fixed price store as your missing nothing.