Discovery was the leader for shopping in Bali for years. You were able to get most things and they had a food court which is now gone. They still have Starbucks, Burger King and A&W though.

There were many a DVD stores selling the latest releases that were still at the movies for $1 and even less when you bought in bulk.  They are all gone now and nothing special replaced them. You can still get a great haircut and colour very cheap through Johnny Andrea salon. They do have a range of souvenirs that are made from wood and shell. I was unable to take photo’s as it’s not allowed but the goods on offer are very similar to that on offer at Carrefour.

Cloths on offer are genuine brands such as Polo etc. There are still a few fakes, though, those stores stick out. You’re not going too buy a fake and believe it is real. There are many stores offering watches and they are only marginally better than you get at “” Bagus Watch ” I don’t understand how fake watches can be sold for $60 yet they are not water resistant to even rain, yet people are buying this twaddle.

Discovery is worth a visit but don’t think you’re going to be able to pick up all you are after. It’s more just a place to get out of the heat and have a nice walk around and maybe pick up something.

At discovery, all the people speak English so that makes it easy to get wander around and window shop. All shops are fixed price only a few you are able to bargain with and they are only the carts in the middle of the isles.

There is a currency exchange shop on site and you won’t be ripped off you will get all the notes and a fair exchange rate.

Taxi touts are feral out the front so walk ten meters from the entry and hail a cab as massive amounts of them pass by. Just don’t take a cab from a tout whatever you do.