I will just start this by saying to avoid taxi scams go straight for Blue Bird. Where you ask to be taken you will be and they always use the meter. The drivers have Identification and if you leave something behind you have a more than a good chance of getting it back with a phone call. Blue Bird has an app for Apple and Android phones. If you get lost or stuck use the app as it works on GPS and has a number you can call the driver if you cant find each other. This mainly happens at shopping centres where there are multiple entry and exits.

You will be ripped off the second you set foot off the plane at the airport. They used to have set rates and that was great. Now its a free for all and you have to negotiate a rate before you leave. Trust me you will pay 3-4 times more than you should but you cannot avoid it unless you get a hotel pick up. Apparently, Blue Bird won’t dare go to the airport for pick ups as the drivers get bashed by the taxi cartels. This is what I was told when asked why they were not at the airport.

Mal Bali Galeria says their taxi’s use the meter and is 100% safe. The taxi company is Ngurah Rai taxi – NEVER EVER USE THIS TAXI COMPANY. They will not use the meter if you force the issue they will agree and the drop you in the middle of nowhere to teach you a lesson ( this happened to me for making him use the meter ). All over the internet, there are horror stories about this taxi company some downright frightening. You would think seeing that Mal Bali Galleria guarantee that your safe and they will use the meter that when you complain it would be looked into. Forget it they do nothing and the Taxi Mafia here prevail. I had tried four times and not once would they use the meter. Just use the Blue Bird app when at Galeria and stay safe and pay the meter.

The  Taxi Mafia shut down Uber essentially by bashing Uber drivers. Whilst its possible to get an Uber they are very careful where they pick up and drop off. Grab you would think be good but again the cartels protested against grab and Uber and there are so many restrictions where they can pick up and drop off. There are signs everywhere about no parking for Grab etc.

The only way to stay safe is Blue Bird and you will pay a fair price. Don’t risk your safety or that of your family no matter how wet you’re getting in the rain etc. Rain means these drivers will rip you off even more stick with Blue Bird.

There is a new taxi company which has intentionally caused confusion by calling themselves Blue Biro and it’s very easy to make a mistake if you wave one down and its Blue Biro just waves them on. They look 90% like Blue Bird with their markings just be careful.