The Bounty Hotel is a great place to stay. Its known as the party hotel and is geared for the 18-30 somethings. I’m 46 and am very welcome there.

The hotel has a 24hr front desk and room service. There is a swim up bar and truckloads of entertainment such as Live music, Dancers, Pools, BBQ nights, Friday Sat and Sun Party’s.

Rooms are great. Really there isnt a bad room here. You have your choice of smooking or non smoking rooms. The beds are great as are the sheets and pillows. Every room has a minibar. The wifi is free of charge yet I could not get it to work, I could connect to the wifi but couldnt get net but I didnt pursue this. Aircondioning is sub arctic and they dont turn it off when you leave for the day so when yu get back your room is nice and icy. Toilets are western style. They do currency exchange and they offer good rates too. There are safety deposit boxes and they are monitored so no one can get into them without your key and the bounty key so its very safe indeed. Lose your key they have to drill out the lock and it costs $100 so dont do that but it shows without the key they give you no ones getting into it.

The loocation is great in Poppies Lane 2 right next door to beachwalk mall. It means if you want Burger King etc instead of room service you just walk next door. If your a coffee freak like me there is a starbucks in the mall. I have a blog dedicated to Beachwalk mall so have a read of that.

Security means no one who isnt supposed to be there gets in. If you want a friend to join you to eat or for the night they need to hand over their ID until they leave and your responsible for them.

Taxies come up poppies lane all the time or just walk out the front of beachwalk mall and grab a taxi. The hotel is in a great place where ever you want to go to and easy to get back to also.