We have all seen the Solo travellers on youtube and through their blogs, It looks amazing solo travelling the world. What on earth could be better?

I personally follow a lot of blogs and subscribe to solo travellers on youtube. But behind the glamour, the excitement and thrills to be had are countless dangers. It’s all bullshit. It’s not glamorous they don’t show you the four hours sitting on a toilet before a flight due to a dodgy meal. They all eat street food and how great it is which is bullshit. Thailand is an example. Everyone raves about the streetfood how great it is but they don’t tell you even locals get sick from time to time from it. Its all perfectly safe that chicken sitting out all day in the sun as we know bacteria doesn’t grow in the Thai climate. Give me a break. Its the same throughout Asia and anywhere really. You may dodge the bullet but it’s going to hit someone. When your travelling solo and you’re sick and weak from it, there is no one to go and get you a drink or food and medication. No matter how you feel it’s up to you. If you pass out there is no one to help behind your closed hotel room door. This glamour they portray is absolute shit. It’s not safe.

I personally tried the whole solo travel and its not just a matter that it’s not for me it’s about fun. I personally like talking to someone and showing them something I found in the shop. The questions like which bastard child would like this? Having dinner with someone sharing a coffee etc. Company definitely is best. There is safety in numbers and this is not something you cant ignore.

I will harp on about this but medical safety is paramount. If you have any conditions don’t travel solo. If your over 40 your a candidate for a heart attack. Heat stroke is massive in Asia and you cant be alone and dehydrated.  Really so many things can go medically south and you have no one to help at the hospital. In Bali without payments and proof of insurance if unconscious you won’t be treated. That is a fact! You have to have someone with you looking out for you if something like this happens. Countless motorbike accidents happen in Bali yet people hire the scooters unlicenced no helmet and the travel insurance won’t pay so a go fund me page is set up for your dumb arse. This happens time and time again. A solo traveller taking a risk riding a motorbike in Bali is just plain dumb. With people around you even just one they can phone family and friends, contact the embassy and generally have your back. Solo travel is so unsafe.

You lose your travel documents, You lose your way of paying such as credit cards lost or stolen you have no one else that can help ie get money transferred to their account for you. You are in big trouble. the worst thing ever is being broke and having n money to replace travel documents pay for a hotel or a meal again not just physical safety in numbers but financial safety in numbers.

I’m going to sound like a sexist pig but female solo travel compounds the problem. Your drink gets spiked no one has your back. In Bali, they have a constant issue with Methanol poisoning from tainted spirits ( tests conducted showed 40% of spirits in Bali contain Methanol to some degree ). The taxi driver that takes a more than wanted interest in you.  There are just so many other issues females face. Yes, Methanol poisoning kills men too. But how many men are sexually assaulted overseas compared to women? And some backward nations and there are plenty the women is jailed for having sex with the offender as she is not married to him. Yes, that’s retarded but happens way too much.

Just remember sharing is caring and the best fun is when you’re not alone if possible always avoid solo travel.. Don’t believe the glamour and hype it’s just not true. They only ever show the great parts of their trips.