I have many a reason why you must cruise and will be doing a blog series on this.

Firstly they are great fun. There really is a lot to do when you’re not at a port. There are countless bars that have live music. The shows that are on offer that are included in the price of your ticket are amazing. For relaxation you can lounge about by the pool and if the kids that are on board bother you with their noise you can go to an adults only area of the ship that still has a pool and usually also have hoot tubs. Movies are shown on the big  screen which is really great. You can get service via the countless waiters and waitresses so you really don’t have to move. If you’re a smoker there is always a smoking area on the pool deck and this is usually where the waiters hang out also though they do roam the ship. They have fun things to do like trivia etc and they are all listed on a sheet that comes to your room the day before so you are able to plan your day and not miss any of the fun. Some ships have aventure sports such as a flow rider (google it) which I love and that’s free but the flying fox where you fly over the deck is a pay activity on P&O. You will find the dearer your ticket meaning P&O cheapest up to the big boys makes a difference on whats included free.

The food is amazing. There are plenty of free and pay per use restaurants. The buffet is great as you can try foods you have never had before and if you don’t like it you just get something else. All cruise lines have a free restaurant and they have a great selection that changes daily. If you tried something and you didn’t like it in there you can just walk down to the buffet and eat there as well. All cruise line also offer eateries such as a place you can get pizza free on some pay on others, bacon and egg rolls etc. It’s up to you. The food quality I assure you is going to be great. If you have a specific dietary need usually they are able to cater for it if you let them know at the time of booking. Food is a whole blog within itself.

Alcohol – This annoys the life out of me. On the in room tv they sprout of how they follow the responsible service of alcohol laws RSA. My experience is they will keep serving you while you still have credit in your account. I have seen the ugly side too many times and them still being served and they say they take a hard-line on excessive behaviour. I have seen people passed out in the lifts people crawling they are so drunk and they still manage not to have the “Hard Line” taken against them. This is the main downfall of cruises but as you will find out it is mainly a problem with certain cruise lines due to how cheap the cruises are and they are nicknamed booze cruises, It really annoys me therefore I try when possible to avoid he main offender.

Medical conditions should be checked by your dr before you travel. I would also inform and have listed pre-existing conditions with your travel insurance. Do not travel without this as if you need evacuation from the ship via helicopter for instance it is massive in cost.  The ship has an on board medical center with obviously doctors and nurses so if your sea sick etc you are well looked after. Hopefully it will never happen but if you fall and need stitches it will be done on board and broken limbs will be looked after also. The facility is great as it should be but I assure you if the captain has to make use of it that it will be of a very high standard.

Some times you may need a travel adaptor for your power point. Either take one yourself or most times the purser is able to loan you one on a deposit based system. Just remember most electrical items are ok but not power boards, irons, hair straighteners, your own blow dryer (they have these in cabins) etc. Anything that may cause a fire is not permitted as stupid things like tools of trade knives unless you’re using for a shore tour ie diving, they will take it and give it to you to use at the time of the activity then when done take it back and return it to you at the end of the cruise.

There are countless drink packages but I wont list prices as they change and vary so much from cruise line to cruiseline. With your mobile phone I would take the internet package and make calls back home on apps such as whatsapp, Facebook messenger or Skype. They do offer “cellular at sea” but it’s very costly and its best just to can or text using apps on apple or android stores.

The number one rule you must abide by is don’t do anything unsafe. You will be thrown off if you do. I shouldnt have to say this but if you steal you will get caught when they account for stock each day if there is something missing they watch the cctv until they find the culprit and they will throw you off and you will be banned from all cruise lines. I have actually seen this. Dont be late back from port excursions. Unless they are organised by the cruise line they will sail without you if you’re not back on time. It all sounds like so many rules but its common sense and you really will have a great time. Just be courteous of other guests and really immerse yourself in the experience.