Cruises are the best form of a holiday with the family I believe. The great thing is no flights, Food is already paid for, and the activities are amazing.

The kids club is great they will spend days upon days in there. If there is an issue they just page you to address it such as the children want to go to the cabin to watch a movie etc. They have set times they open and they close late at night. You will find that you will need to go and drag the children out for lunch and dinner as they will enjoy themselves so much.

My children all like different foods and they won’t eat things the others will eat. This annoys the life out of me but on a cruise, all tastes are catered for. The food is great whether it be a sit-down meal or at the buffet. They also have like little takeaways on board where you can get chips and things like bacon and egg rolls and hamburgers etc. There is always plenty of fresh fruit also and many a desert. Some cruise lines have 24 hr free pizza and that is great as the kids love it.

I like how when you arrive and boarded the ship that’s the end of the travel. The rest is easy. If you are heading to a port you just scan your cruise card to get off and scan it to get back on. There isn’t the three-hour wait in a queue at an airport and the countless hours flying. On a cruise, there is no jetlag. Kids really are happier without the travel. If they are getting tired all they have to do on the first day is the muster drill then they can lay back down again. Its really parent and child-friendly.

Again I say cheaper than a holiday with a flight and accommodation. All your spending is discretionary on a cruise. You don’t have to pay for a ting if you don’t want to. I buy the drink packages as I’m a big coffee drinker but as I said you really can have the free coffee and tea on board or the water served with all meals. In the morning they always have juices. so its only if you want a drink at lunch or dinner so it’s not a big cost at all.

Cruising is just a safer option I believe. The kids aren’t going to be run over. The food is to a standard that won’t make them sick. They can drink the water. and if they do fall over and break a bone there are hospital facilities on board. Anything major they airlift you to the nearest hospital and your travel insurance should cover it. (Allways have medical evacuation on your travel insurance). Travel insurance is very cheap and there are so many providers find the policy that fits you best. Anyway, this is how I feel about family cruises and why I’m a big fan of them.

I was planning on flying to Bali or Phuket again in a few months but now I’m sure we will cruise with the kids for the reasons detailed above.