1. Drop our bags off in the area clearly signed.
  2. At this stage, you have found the cruise terminal and have your tickets with you also passports or other documentation that has been specified ie for Australian domestic cruises photo id for Adults and Medicare card to cover children.
  3. next will be the queue to get your cruise card this is where you will be required to provide the paperwork and details such as how you will pay your onboard account weather by Credit Card or cash. You will have your photo taken as will all people on your ticket and you will be given your individual cruise cards which you use to pay for everything on Board and also acts as a key to your room. If you do not already know this is where they will provide you with your stateroom number.
  4. You will now also have the time you are required to board. You will be called and if on an international cruise you will pass through security and immigration onto the ship.
  5. You will head to your stateroom where you are able to offload all the hand luggage you have and lock valuables into the room safe. Your luggage will arrive within a few hours.
  6. Before the ship will depart you will be required to attend a safety muster drill. This location will be a number or letter on your cruise card it is also shown on the back of your cabin door. If you decide not to attend you may be thrown off the cruise.
  7. After the muster drill, all the time is yours!



  1. Pack your gear up keeping any duty free separate.
  2. You may either put your bags out the night before and collect them on shore or bring them with you.
  3. You would have been allocated a disembarkation time the night before. This will also tell you where to gather to disembark.
  4. When your turn has come join the big line as you are scanned from the ship via your cruise card.
  5. You will be reunited with your luggage if you left it out the night before.
  6. You will then pass through immigration where they should scan you back in the country. If you’re on a Centrelink benefit ring them the day your back as on cruises they have a bad track record of recording you back into the country affecting your benefits and days allowed out of the country.
  7. Customs will check your bags for prohibited items and duty-free items that they are within the limits.
  8. Outside good luck getting a taxi!