Shore Tours come in different forms. You can get on a shore tour with the cruise line you are sailing with. You may just get off and have a walk around which is free especially if you’re just going to laze about on the beach. Usually, on destinations such as these, you are able to purchase drinks on your cruise card ashore. Or a shore tour you have organised such as just hiring a taxi at the dock and getting them to take you around.

If you are on your own made shore tour or taxi ride, if you are late due to a breakdown or traffic etc you, will be left behind. The cruise ship will sail regardless and you may not have your passport with you or money as its all in the cabin causing you great distress. You will also be liable for all costs to rejoin the ship or to get home. The cruise line won’t pay to get you back.

If you are on a shore tour with the cruise line operator the ship will wait until you are back on board.  They always have a great selection of tours based on your destination and a variety of durations. Prices vary and I choose this method rather than take the risk of being late. You pay for shore tours with your cabin account card.

I also have just disembarked and taken walks along the beach and shops nearby but there is a danger with that. One destination you are a target for robbery as they know you have to get back on board the ship to leave therefore being unable to contact the police or make a proper statement so personal security is the downside with this option.I have walked around in the Pacific islands region and had a great day at the markets set up beside the docks so really just be aware of your surroundings.

With shore days everything you want to buy ashore has increased in price as a cruise ship is in so shore tours are great as your not exposed to this if lunch is provided. If your planning your own shore tour some days on the islands everything is closed apart from what agreements are in place with the ships shore tour operators so it is a benefit going with the cruise line.

If you are hurt on a shore tour organised by the cruise line you may be taken back to the ship for treatment as that may be the best available on the island you are at. If your on a private tour and are injured I’m not sure what happens but it must be the case the cruise line taking care of you as the surely wouldn’t refuse but, as I said you may be late due to your injury and not back in time and the ship sail and now your injured and alone.

Honest, It just best to have a walk around the docks with the markets or shops or join an organised tour. Doing the tour yourself is too risky in my belief.

You may choose to stay aboard the ship which means no lines for anything its a top option if you’re not really interested in the tours or you have been and seen it all before.